Core Systems Sub-Strategies

The University’s Core Systems programme is developing a set of technically-oriented sub-strategies for our central business IT services. These supporting strategies cover themes that apply across multiple projects and programmes. They are intended as guides for setting overall directions and helping each projects to work consistently within an overall framework.

The sub-strategies are created and managed by the Core Systems Sub-Strategy Board. This board is convened by the CIO and comprises members of staff from ISG and the Service Excellence Programme.

A key part of creating strategies is the discussion and consultation that goes into them. To that end, the Board has approved a consultation process that includes technical members of ISG, external reviewers, and constulation with computing professionals in schools. When each supporting strategy is ready, it will be submitted to the University’s IT committee.

The supporting strategies are at different stages of development. Most are still works in progress, while a couple are ready to be submitted and a couple have only just started. The strategies that are currently in development are:

  • Infrastructure strategies
    • Cloud Computing
    • Identity, Authentication, Authorisation
  • Data strategies 
    • Data Architecture
    • Data Retention and Archiving
    • Reporting & Analytics
  • Application strategies
    • Application Integration
    • Application Rationalisation
    • Document Management
    • Relationship Management
  • Vendor management strategies
    • IT Vendor Management
    • Software Testing & Acceptance

Over the next few months, we will consult further regarding individual strategy documents.

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