Getting to know our staff: Dave Berry, Enterprise Architect 

To help put names to faces and highlight the diverse personalities in the Apps department, we run a regular series of short interviews with our staff. These short interviews feature both new and long-standing members of the department.

Tell us about your journey before starting this role: 
I did a Ph.D. in Computer Science and then worked in a couple of software houses as a developer and team manager. […] In 2002 I joined the National e-Science Centre (NeSC)[…] My time at NeSC got me interested in architecture, and after eight years leading Development Services I was looking for a new role.  I joined ISG in 2008 as Head of Development Services in Applications Division, and then started the Enterprise Architecture (EA) section in 2016. The opportunity to set up EA from scratch, while continuing to work with the great colleagues in Apps, was ideal for me. 

What kind of tasks does this role involve?:  
First and foremost, the role of a section head is to build a great team.  Our team does architecture, which is about the ‘big picture’ of how processes and systems interact and how to govern these integrations over time.  We’re involved in many projects and we work with many people to define technical strategies and data governance processes.  We’re building a repository of information about ISG’s applications, data, and services.  Our BI Team is building the data warehouse that underpins the university’s strategic reporting strategy.  

What’s your favourite place or thing to do in Edinburgh? 
I’ve been living in Edinburgh for most of 40 years and favourite places have come and gone over that time.  Right now, I’d have to pick Blackford Hill and the Hermitage of Braid, because I’ve spent so much time walking there in recent years, especially during lockdown.   

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself: 
In the 1980’s and early 1990’s, I helped to organise the Edinburgh Bisexual Group and the Bisexual Helpline.  You could say I’m one of the many people who helped to put the B in to LGBT+!   

Find out more about the Enterprise Architecture team here.

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