Making project management more digestible

1 Laying the foundations

The Project Management Office (PMO) in Project Services offers full-day project management training courses, but many of our staff find it difficult to free-up that amount of time in their busy diaries.  So the PMO has developed a series of ‘bite-size’ lunchtime sessions that staff are able to more easily incorporate into their working day.

The bite-size sessions break down the content of the full day course into four easily-digestible  one hour sessions.  The sessions are free to attend and are advertised via the Events channel on our University portal, MyEd.  Staff can choose to attend one or all of the 4 sessions, which include: –

  1. Laying the foundations – Understanding how clearly defining your project with a Project Brief will help to give your project a firm foundation for success
  2. Planning the journey – How to put together a realistic project plan, including the 3-point estimation technique
  3. Adapt & survive – Understanding the importance of risk management and what to do when things change or go wrong
  4. Right people, right message – Engaging people in your project and getting the right support

The next set of bite-size sessions is scheduled for October 2016 so if you’re interested in attending please keep an eye on MyEd.


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